She’s transformed my skin completely. We now work on my scarring... She goes above and beyond for her clients. There’s no one I’d rather be with then her. I trust her 110%! She’s hands down the best in the business.
Not only that she’s one of the sweetest and kindest souls I know :)
— Beauty Garden Client

Audrey is PHENOMENAL. She is so knowledgable about pure non toxic skin care products AND she has the most Magic Healing hands !!! My skin is glowing.
— Beauty Garden Client

I have gotten numerous facials over the years and have to say that Audrey is the best by far! You will not be disappointed. I appreciate the fact that she uses natural products... You will leave The Beauty Garden more educated, refreshed, and relaxed guaranteed.
— Beauty Garden Client


Ventura County Star Guide to Fitness, Health & Beauty Guide 2016

Ventura County Star Guide to Fitness, Health & Beauty Guide 2016



Licensed Esthetician + Natural Skincare Expert


As as child I can remember watching my mom while in her bathrobe apply her green facial masks. Fascinated, I admired her lovely beauty. While playing in the garden, I used to make-believe that flower petals were makeup. I even loved drawing and sketching faces for fun, filling in the details such as eyebrows and lashes. I was immersed in holistic healing, as both my parents practiced natural remedies and alternatives to health and wellness. I couldn't help but acquire this knowledge that was passed onto me. As I grew older I bought books on cosmetics and loved playing with skincare products. However, by the time I was a late teen, my skin suddenly flared up red, and purple from acne blemishes. I had a horrible case of cystic and hormonal acne. I always tell others, I used to loathe my skin, wearing a paper-bag would have been a better alternative. I saw many dermatologists and skin care experts. No one could help me, and as a hard working college student my funds were so limited. Frustrated, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Through trial and error, I used myself as a guinea pig, so to speak. I tried many, many approaches for my skin. To my surprise my skin cleared. It was then I knew I had a knack for healing skin. 

Being an artistic and creative soul I ended pursuing college in Los Angeles for Interior Design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (my other passion) The downfall of one of the worst market and housing recessions occurred right when I graduated. Interior Design was not in the cards for me at that time in life, and I had just moved to Ventura County. However, I knew it was the most opportune moment to go back to school for something I always loved to do: skincare. 

Now nearly 9 years later, my career has evolved and blossomed into many realms of natural, green skincare and beauty. I have only ever worked with all natural lines and companies since becoming an licensed Esthetician. I feel so blessed that I get to touch the lives of so many, and enrich their life through natural beauty. 

I am a happy soul married to the love of my life and a mother to one little boy. We have 3 cute pets and love living in beautiful Ventura County.


I believe in enhancing natural beauty & practice only with products made with pure, natural & nontoxic ingredients. It is my goal to change the esthetics industry by emphasizing green, eco chic and holistic approaches. This is important for not only our health but the planet as well.

I combine my keen skill for intuitively knowing how to care for skin along with my esthetics training as well as ongoing research and education. 

Health & beauty truly go hand in hand. Unfortunately the self-care, skin and cosmetics industry are filled with toxic and carcinogenic ingredients. We shouldn’t compromise our health and lives for the sake of beauty. We can truly have both without the sacrifice. 


Santa Barbara Cosmetology Academy 

Advanced Waxing from The British Aesthetican

Audrey is constantly continuing and improving her education and knowledge through various skincare companies, industry trade shows, self research and more.